More homes evacuated in Whaley Bridge amid weather fears

OUTLOOK: With the potential for heavy downpours in the coming days there are fears Toddbrook Reservoir could still be breached.

A further 55 homes in the Horwich End, Whaley Bridge area have been evacuated this evening.

The latest evacuation of homes is due to a potential increase in risk of adverse weather in the coming days and the ongoing risk of the Toddbrook Reservoir breaching.

Residents have been asked to make alternative arrangements to stay with friends and family, ensure that any pets and that all medication that may be needed for a number of days is taken with them.

If people do not have somewhere to go then they will be accommodated. The rest centre is still staffed by local authority and police officers and anyone with concerns in terms of accommodation can make their way to Chapel High School.

Anyone unable to leave their home or who required assistance was asked to call the police for help on 101.

Residents who had already been evacuated from their homes in Whaley Bridge had been allowed back today to collect medicines or pets. 

Chief Superintendent Michelle Shooter said: “I would like to take this opportunity to remind local residents that the state of the dam is still in a critical condition and that the risk of breach is still a very real threat.

“Residents wishing to return are reminded that this should be for essential belongings, medical supplies that cannot be got elsewhere and abandoned pets.

“Officers today have been confronted at cordons by residents wishing to return for issues which are deemed non-essential. Evacuation of people from their homes, was a decision which was not taken lightly but has been done to offer maximum safety should we see a breach of the dam.”

Should the dam fail, or there be a fear that a collapse is imminent, the emergency service vehicles will sound their horns three times and a loud hailer will also sound.  Residents will be required to move out of the town via the check point where they entered and then make their way to higher ground.

There is a helpline number for evacuated residents, which is 01629 533190.

This number is open between 9am and 10pm and there is an answerphone facility outside of these hours.

There is also an e-mail address for anyone wishing to donate items or services, this is [email protected]

Further information about the situation will be given as soon as it is available – and we ask local residents to follow the Derbyshire Constabulary Facebook (@derbyshireconstabulary) and Twitter (@DerbysPolice) pages and website:

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