Tameside Conservatives call for delay to greenhouse demolition

The Tameside Conservative group have formally called for a stay of execution for the Stamford Park Conservatory.

The group will be presenting a motion to the next full council meeting on July 23 to suspend the conservatory’s demolition until March 2020.

The motion calls on the Council to recognise the strength of public feeling and acknowledge the work already undertaken by the Save Stamford Park Greenhouse group.

Proposed by Stalybridge South councillor and Leader of the Tameside Conservatives, Doreen Dickinson, the motion reads: “Given the conservatory has already been fenced off for four years, I strongly believe a further six months will make no difference to this council.

“Therefore, as I am very proud that the people of Tameside have come together to fight this decision, we propose that the scheduled demolition be postponed until March 2020 in order to allow the Save Stamford Park Greenhouse Group time to apply for funding and explore options to keep the building.”

Matthew Clarke, of the Friends of the John Nield Stamford Park Conservatory, said: “The news of the planned Conservative motion to request delay in demolition to allow six months for a full public consultation is very much welcomed by the group.

 “This has been our request since the start of our grass roots campaign. All we have asked is to open a dialogue with the council and look to put into action our plan to create a viable community hub, preserving our precious heritage and creating a useful space for all residents”

Since the decision to demolish Stamford Park Conservatory was announced, a protest has been held in the park, a petition against the decision received 4,264 signatures and the ‘Save Stamford Park Greenhouse’ Facebook group has reached 2,080 members.

The future of the conservatory will be discussed at the meeting of full council on July 23. The public meeting takes place at 5pm at Guardsman Tony Downes House in Droylsden.

Speaking to the Tameside Reporter, Cllr Dickinson said: “I just think that when as many people come together as they have over the conservatory, they deserve to be heard. They should be given time to get community status and get funds together.

“I got on the council in 1992 because I was upset with something the Council were doing, so I know how frustrated they feel."

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